Does the world need another blog? I’ve had my doubts. After all, according to its web site, WordPress alone is host to nearly 400,000 bloggers posting on average over 150 million new words each day. That’s a lot of words – and undoubtedly the totals will rise over time. I wonder what the planetary grand total of all blog sites is? One billion words a day? Two? Yikes! So why add another 500 words? Why blog?

I have two quick answers: first – the “when in Rome” thing. Although the world is changing rapidly, blogging looks now to be a permanent fixture of the virtual landscape. Why be a fuddy-duddy or a hold-out humbug? If blogging is here to stay (for better or worse), why sit self-righteously on the sidelines cataloguing one’s complaints? It’s sort of like meeting Alexander Graham Bell in the street in 1890 and telling him triumphantly that you’ll never use the telephone. Or, a century later, refusing to use email. Yeah, right. Get on board, dude.

The second answer is simpler: I like to write. A blog is an opportunity to do so, in a new format. Why not give it a shot?

On the other hand, is anyone listening? Blogs strike me as the electronic equivalent of like standing in a huge open-air plaza packed with people and everyone talking loudly at the same time. In this chaos, what can one voice do? Try to rise above the din, I suppose, but I’m not sure how to do that. By shouting? By being rude? Outrageous? Annoying? Controversial? Not my style. Besides, at 51 I’m not sure I can change my leopard spots. I prefer to write, post, and then take our dog for a walk if it’s a nice day, which it is most of the time where I live. That’s enough for me. Change the world? Turn opinions? Open closed minds? Fine if it happens, but I’m not holding my breath. That’s not why I blog.

I blog because I have things to say about carbon. That’s all. I have other topics to write about as well, but they have their own forums. Here, I want to explore all things carbon – the element of life. Partly, I want to expound on what I’m learning as I research and write my book on carbon, but also I want to look at the whimsical side of C, which sounds nutty, I know. We forget, however, that the whole world is carbon, which means there’s plenty to write about. Hopefully, this will make sense as I write the posts.

Why does anyone blog? Because we can. Because it’s there. Because we must. Because we live in Rome. I’m not going to fret about the reasons very much. I’m just going to write and have some fun. Be a carbon pilgrim. Write about the curious journey I’m on. Take a serious Element not too seriously. Explore our carboniferous world. See where the trail leads.

Thanks for walking with me.